Real Estate Commission Disputes

Dear Realtor,

I recently had a realtor inquire about a situation involving unpaid commissions that they believed they were owed to them from their broker. This realtor had been the one that had brought the buyer and seller together and had handled negotiations throughout the transaction. The broker, however, refused to pay the realtor commissions […]

Local EB-5 Regional Centers

Dear Realtor,

One of the realtors who regularly reads this e-newsletter wrote and suggested that we mention a few recommendations of EB-5 Regional Centers here in South Florida. They are as follows:

Paramount Miami Worldcenter
(A project of the EB5 Financing Management Company, LLC)

Skyrise Miami
(A project of the Miami Metropolitan Regional Center)


The Highlands (Miami)
(A project of the […]

Stepped-Up Basis for Capital Gains

Dear Realtor,

Most of you are aware than when a property is sold, the seller is taxed on the “capital gains” realized, which is the difference between the value of the property when it was first purchased and its value when it was sold. The tax rate on capital gains for the 2016 tax year […]

EB-5 Regional Center With R.O.I.

Dear Realtor,

Many of you work regularly with wealthy international clients who are seeking to invest in the United States, as this affords them more security for their money than they could possibly have in their homeland. Often, these clients also desire to immigrate to the United States permanently. In previous e-newsletters, I have mentioned […]